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Team Academy of pharmaceutical company is located in Ningbo zhenhai, Ningbo city industrial area, specializes in development and production of high-tech chemical mainly collection branch, engineering, trade as one of the new pharmaceutical company. Team Academy was established on July 1, 1992, engaged in pharmaceutical business 20 years, has fully passed the national GMP certification. Enterprise has national first-class of medicine technology strength and medicine technology research center, Yu 2005 first set postdoctoral research flow station, postdoctoral workstation success to development has many is domestic leading even reached world advanced level of national II class and four class drug, strong to filled has domestic medicine industry in the of blank; enterprise in Ningbo medicine industrial enterprise in the, high research technology, and high-tech products, and statistics and development speed, area are home vanguard, and get had more than 50 more items award, At the same time as the first batch of national high-tech enterprise, again in 2011 with the review. Company existing on the basis of more than 60,000 square meters factory area, and build new factory opening of the new shop to put into production as soon as possible, advanced production facilities and product technology, quality has reached the leading domestic level. Enterprise main products has "armature Dan", and "armature Star", and "armature force up",, has weizhi development development out has many national II class and four class drug, are has raw materials drug, and injection, and tablets, multiple models of 96 a products, more than 70 multiple varieties, which more than 20 multiple varieties is named national focus new products, and included national torch plans, and get national technology progress award, and Zhejiang Province technology progress award, honors, won national small and medium innovation technology bonus; and has declared famous brand 2 a, and province famous trademark 2 a. Marketing network all over the country, growing sales team, product best-selling domestic and exported to United States, and Japan, and India, and other places, deeply domestic and foreign customers. Enterprise scale, production and marketing of profits and taxes in the autonomous region counterparts in the firmly held the top three are the tax-payer, consecutive years won the tax title of level a unit in Ningbo. New century, new balance, the pursuit of excellence, with the introduction of VCs, and listing operations to achieve gorgeous turn, climb the world's pharmaceutical technology Summit, human health service, towards a higher goal.
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