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Tianheng news Date:2012-03-12

The dragon new weather, Ningbo Tianheng Pharmaceutical Company Limited smoothly through the high-tech enterprise in 2011 review. Day is a collection Branch, workers, trade as one of science and technology enterprises, established a provincial-level enterprise technology center, industry of medicine of city of the first post-doctoral workstations, and institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to carry out extensive cooperation in science and technology.

Secondly, the legal representative of the company, chairman and general manager of Huang Daofei is the United States returned to study medicine professional post-doctoral, excellent scientific research experience and practical enterprise management experience. Under the leadership of has a wealth of practical experience, pragmatic innovation, the courage to open up the young team, strong R & D. Professional and technical personnel and pharmacists practicing distribution in management, development, production, quality supervision, procurement and sales departments, with strong quality supervision and technical strength, talent structure from decision-making layer, R & D layer extends to the production line.

At the same time, the company has always attached importance to science and technology innovation investment, want every year to come up with a lot of money for product development and technology improvement. The development of new varieties each year from 1 to 2, now has nearly thirty new varieties, a number of products have been listed as national science and technology of new products, including twenty varieties in the market occupied a considerable share.

Day value as the first batch of national high-tech enterprises, this year has passed the review. At present, the company in accordance with the requirements of high-tech enterprises, to develop new drugs, products not only have antineoplastic agents, antineoplastic auxiliary agents such as my company familiar with the field, but also extends to the cardiovascular medicine, nootropic drugs, biological fermentation and other important areas, efforts to climb the peak of world medicine science and technology, human health services, towards higher goal.

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