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Tianheng pharmaceutical active 2012 new staff training Date:2012-03-12

Tianheng pharmaceutical active 2012 new staff training

The dragon spring early, Tianheng Office actively implement the established staff training plan, and effectively to meet the enterprise production, operation and management needs, for the day henceforth " Dragon Figure Exhibition" has laid a solid foundation.

The training of new staff cent "three paces go" agenda:

The so-called" no rules no Cheng Fangyuan", rules and regulations of the learning is the vast number of new employee" first class". The first company office staff to the new staff introduced Tianheng pharmaceutical regulations, corporate culture, through learning, new employees are fully aware of the orderly working environment is a basic guarantee for the normal operation of the company.

Subsequently, the production department vice president Tang Xiaowen to the production department of new employees were required safety training, emphasizes the importance of the security work of pharmaceutical production, I hope everyone enhance responsibility consciousness, cogent good security checkpoints.

Finally, by the quality department deputy chief Liang Wei speaker, will beam general reiterated new pharmaceutical GMP implementation rules play a decisive role in will work henceforth guiding standard position, and for new employees to their respective positions for the necessary occupation skill training.

The training is completed, also arranged for new staff assessment, new employees who have made outstanding achievements.


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