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Tianheng pharmaceutical in Lianyungang delegation visits the investigation Date:2012-03-12
 Tianheng pharmaceutical in Lianyungang delegation visits the investigation

A few days ago, Ningbo City, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office Chen Zurui, vice president of Overseas Exchanges Association of Huang Guohai led the delegation to visit Lianyungang Tianheng pharmaceutical companies related to leadership, received the delegation.

Deputy general manager of the company Xu Rong Zhao Aixia, director of general office in the two floor conference room and Lianyungang delegation leader talks. On the meeting, first by the leadership of the company brief introduction company operating status. The delegation after listening to the report, to watch the team publicity pictures, videos, and said Tianheng pharmaceutical either from the nature of the enterprise, management, scientific research strength, hardware production, high-tech research products ranks the forefront. At the same time, the delegation also detailed demonstration of Lianyungang new medicine industry park development situation, agreed that all aspects of the management team is Lianyungang new medicine industry park model of learning, hope to further deepen exchanges and learning.

After the meeting, the delegation accompanied by leaders in the company to visit the factory and workshop, through the scene, field trips, on the day to give a high evaluation, consider Tianheng pharmaceutical clear development ideas, outstanding brand, the prospect of unlimited.

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