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Tianheng news Date:2012-03-12
Tianheng pharmaceutical representatives Huang Daofei respondents" dialogue" column, and communicative convention proposal

In February 25th, Ningbo Tianheng pharmaceutical limited company chairman Huang Daofei were invited to participate in the Chinese Ningbo net is rolled out" to celebrate congress show new success" video series:" to become the vanguard of dialogue to achieve new development program", comrade Huang Daofei talked about Ningbo as a delegate, the Council on food safety regulatory measures proposal.

Huang Daofei, member of the Communist Party of China, the present Ningbo City Tianheng pharmaceutical limited legal representative, chairman and general manager, Secretary of the Party branch, is the United States returned to study medicine professional post-doctoral, excellent scientific research experience and practical enterprise management experience.

Program, with the host ask and answer, comrade Huang Daofei speaks of him from entering drug chemistry learning and research into Tianheng pharmaceutical, start their own entrepreneurial road. As a delegate, he shows how entrepreneurs in the extraordinary position to make an extraordinary performance, how to play their vanguard and exemplary role, how to be willing to sacrifice its industrial road; mention Tianheng pharmaceutical, he said the company actively innovation, hard work, and lead the business together, mutual benefit; as the Party branch secretary, organize and guide members in their work and give full play to the exemplary role; usually active down, thorough basic level, strengthen with the staff contact, positive for employee welfare.

Finally, the host asked Comrade Huang Daofei to the National Congress of the proposal, he talked about a people's livelihood issues, namely the regulation of food safety. At this proposal, the host also asked why, comrade Huang Daofei says the food industry and medicine, the State Food and drug supervision and management, combined with their engaged in pharmaceutical industry is actual, both of which can be said to be comprehend by analogy.

Through" dialogue" column, can say, chairman Huang Daofei is not only a model of the party, but also a " self-cultivation family poineering dedication world" outstanding entrepreneurs.

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